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14k Gold Plated Jewelry

  • Gold plated jewelry is made by using electroplating to deposit a thin layer of gold onto a surface of another metal, such as copper or 925 silver.
  • It may lose shine or faded over time,due to the underlying surface getting oxidized. 
  • It is not possible to regain its shine if the plated layer is worn off. 

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • 925 silver is also known as sterling silver, made from 92.5 percent of silver and 7.5 percent of alloy.
  • May darken or turn yellow over time due to oxidation.  
  • You may easily polish them with soap, lemon juice, or hand sanitizer. 
  • Oxidation is a normal occurrence in our natural environment.
  • Due to the nature of silver,it might get bent out of shape when you received them, just bend it back in shape. It will be as good as new.
  • Hence, under any bent-pin circumstances, it is not considered as defect.

Love & Care

  • You may use our silver polishing cloth to wipe the jewelry after each wear.
  • Avoid direct contact with chemicals like perfume, detergent or lotions.
  • Avoid rubbing against other jewelries.
  • Remove it before sleep, shower, exercise, swim or anything that requires hard physical work.
  • Store in a box/ pouch for longevity & avoid Oxidation.
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